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28 Jun
Broken Tooth

A Broken Tooth

During the filming of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Viggo Mortensen fell, smacked his face, and broke his front tooth off. Not wanting to delay filming, he had someone from the crew just superglue his tooth back in and carried on. It was just one of several injuries the actor incurred during […]

16 Jun
Winning Smile

A Winning Smile

It is common knowledge that you need to take care of your teeth. What is less commonly known is that good oral hygiene is necessary not just for having a winning smile, but to maintain your overall health. Poor oral hygiene can lead to serious problems such as heart attacks, strokes, trouble controlling diabetes, and […]

05 Jun
Dentist and satisfied patient with white teeth as a results of whitening treatment

How Important is it to manage your pain promptly?

Chandler, Arizona is home to many emergency dentists. Dental issues can be painful and keeping that in mind, the dentists in the city focus on dealing with every dental problem in a seamless manner. Such emergency services provided by dental clinics are offered round the clock, as an emergency can happen any time during the […]

17 Nov

Never Be Just Another Number

Have you ever scheduled an appointment with any type of doctor, dentist, or vision specialist and felt like you were just another number to them? It’s like, you sat in their waiting room for 45 minutes or more, and then in their exam room for another half hour, only to have them come in, look […]

19 Oct

Dental Offices In Chandler Az

If you were looking for the perfect dental office for your entire family in Chandler, AZ, then it should offer a wide range of services to better meet the specific needs of each individual family member without costing a fortune. In most cases, that’s all families want: an experienced dentist with convenient hours and affordable […]

30 Sep
Dentist and satisfied patient with white teeth as a results of whitening treatment

Benefits of Personal Atmosphere at Dentist Practice

Most patients will not say that they enjoy going to the dentist but if you are a part of a practice that is friendly, personal and attentive than you might feel differently. When staff members go out of their way to ask how your day is and get to know you as a person and […]