Night Guards

If you struggle with chronic jaw pain, headaches, or tooth sensitivity, you may be suffering from bruxism. Custom-made night guards from our Chandler, AZ practice can prevent teeth grinding and jaw clenching. A night guard fits over teeth to prevent upper and lower teeth from touching while you sleep. At Value Dental Centers Chandler, we will work meticulously to ensure a comfortable fit, so your night guard will not disrupt your jaw alignment or irritate the inside of your mouth. Though your device will be very simple, it can dramatically alleviate your discomfort and prevent serious long-term dental damage.

The Causes of Bruxism

Bruxism is typically the result of anxiety. When you are under a lot of pressure, your body will produce excess stress hormones. In response, you may constantly move your jaw, trying to release this energy. In most cases, teeth grinding will take place at night. However, in some cases, you may unknowingly clench and grind your jaw during the day, particularly in stressful situations.

Dental misalignment and missing teeth can also contribute to bruxism. Normally, each of your top teeth should line up with the corresponding one on the bottom. If you have severe misalignment or gaps in your smile, you may unwittingly grind your teeth as you attempt to restore the proper balance of your bite.

Bruxism Symptoms

Although bruxism can occur for different reasons, most patients experience similar symptoms. These can include:

  • Jaw and facial pain
  • Ear pain
  • Dental sensitivity
  • Small cracks in teeth
  • Tooth erosion
  • Chronic headaches, especially upon waking up in the morning
  • Sores on the insides of the lips and/or cheeks

How We Treat Teeth Grinding

Night guards are the most common treatment for bruxism. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth, and our partner lab technicians will create an appliance that is a near-perfect fit for your mouth. This device will be different from a sleep apnea guard or TMJ splint. Rather than realigning your jaw, a bruxism night guard will simply prevent your teeth from touching. It will be very easy to adjust to, and you should have no difficulties sleeping while you are wearing it.

In addition to your night guard, we may suggest additional treatment for bruxism. For example, if dental misalignment is an underlying cause, we can provide Invisalign® treatment. In other cases, we can supply dental restorations to replace your missing teeth. We offer traditional bridges, as well as implant-supported crowns and bridges. After evaluating your oral and physical health, we can determine the right option for you.

Why Is Bruxism Treatment So Important?

We provide such comprehensive treatment for bruxism because we understand its importance for your oral and physical health. Over time, teeth grinding will wear down your enamel and create tiny fractures. Consequently, you could experience significant dental sensitivity as the protective tissue wears away, exposing tiny nerve endings. In addition, the cracks could grow much larger. You could eventually require dental crowns or even extraction.

Further, bruxism is a leading cause of TMJ Disorder. When you are constantly clenching and moving your jaw, it can damage the joints and inflame the surrounding tissues. TMD will exacerbate your facial pain, and discomfort could spread to your neck, shoulders, and upper back. Fortunately, our bruxism treatments can prevent tooth and joint damage, as well as chronic pain.

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