Scaling and Root Planing

If you are suffering from gum disease, we will typically recommend scaling and root planing at our Chandler, AZ office. Also known as a deep cleaning, this procedure will eliminate pockets of oral bacteria from your gum tissue. In this way, scaling and planing can ease your discomfort and prevent further damage to your teeth and gums. At Value Dental Centers Chandler, we use very meticulous techniques. With our attention to detail, we can thoroughly eliminate bacteria without affecting the healthy portions of your gums. Our team will also provide guidelines on how to care for your oral health after your deep cleaning.

Are You a Candidate for Scaling and Root Planing?

Gum disease has two stages: gingivitis and periodontitis. If you have gingivitis, you will usually require only a regular dental cleaning. Scaling and root planing is the most common treatment for periodontitis. This condition develops when bacterial pockets build up in your gums.

Symptoms of periodontitis include:

  • Red, inflamed gums
  • Gum or tooth sensitivity
  • Bleeding
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Visible gum recession
  • Loose teeth

Our dentists will evaluate your symptoms to provide a complete diagnosis and to determine whether scaling and root planing is right for you.

What to Expect during Scaling and Root Planing

Before your treatment, we will administer local anesthesia. We offer additional sedation if you are feeling nervous. However, with our gentle touch and localized medications, your treatment should involve minimal discomfort. First, your dentist or hygienist will remove all the bacteria, plaque, and tartar from your teeth and along your gum line. He or she will be sure to address the pockets in your gums, cleaning out these areas, as well. Your practitioner may also treat the pockets with a topical antibiotic to eradicate bacteria fully.

Next, your dentist or hygienist will smooth down your tooth roots. If you have rough patches on your dental roots, they can easily trap bacteria, contributing to gum disease flare-ups. Therefore, this step of your deep cleaning will protect your long term oral health.

After Scaling and Root Planing

Following your treatment, your gums may be a bit inflamed, and you may experience some slight bleeding. We can provide topical medications or pills to reduce discomfort and the risk of recurring periodontitis. You can also use anti-inflammatory medications and a soft diet to further ease sensitivity.

Although scaling and root planing is highly effective, it is not a cure for gum disease. The condition is chronic. If you do not care for your gums properly, bacteria could come back. Your symptoms could even be worse than before. Therefore, it is vital that you brush, floss, and use mouthwash daily. Regular exams and cleanings are also essential. With these visits, we can remove destructive bacteria and diagnose flare-ups at the earliest stages.

Why Is Scaling and Root Planing So Important?

If you have gum disease, a deep cleaning could save your smile and your overall systemic health. If you do not receive treatment in time, the bacterial pockets will grow so deep that your gums will pull away from your tooth roots. This will lead to widespread tooth loss, as well as significant discomfort and a changed appearance. In addition, when you do not address your gum disease, the bacteria could spread to other parts of your body, increasing your risk for serious health conditions. In fact, studies show that patients with gum disease have an increased risk for heart attack and stroke. Fortunately, appropriate periodontal care may reduce these risks.

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